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Are you facing some trouble with how your device displays your email addresses? It is suggested to re-enter the email addresses. Especially if they are already associated with your device. From this tutorial, you will be able to fix or remove the email address problem that is causing you to lose out on important communication on a daily basis. As you know the majority of the email addresses in your smartphone, you can say that they are the most important data. So, you need to keep them safe. Especially if you enter those email addresses in websites. Follow this tutorial to fix or remove the email address problem. The email address problem may not be that hard to fix. But the long process is a pain in the ass. So, you might want to avoid it. To be honest, most email addresses in the phone can be copied and pasted easily in the device. You just need to press the first and last characters. Let’s continue with the tutorial on how to fix the email address problem. How to Fix the Email Address Problem Step 1 - Open the settings page What we are going to do in this tutorial is open the settings page of your device. You can do it by pressing the menu key and selecting settings from the list. Alternatively, you can also go to your phone’s app menu. You can find it in the apps menu or by holding your finger on the search bar in your phone’s home screen. To open the menu, tap on the app you want. - Open the settings page. Step 2 - Scroll down to the bottom Now, scroll down to the end. You will find the option for the email address. You can see that it is listed under the Other information category. You can also use the scroll button to move to the bottom. - Scroll down to the end. Step 3 - Scroll up to the top Once you have moved to the end of the settings page, you can now scroll up. - Scroll up to the top. Step 4 - Find the correct email address In the email address, you will find the first and last characters of the email address that you want to remove or change. In the image above, you will see an example of an email address. You can remove the part of the email address. Then, the address will look like:



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Geografia E Historia 1 Eso Santillana Pdf Free

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